JUDY INTERIORS COMPANY is a well known name in the field of interiors, exhibitions, retail designs and fabrication. It has played a leader’s role, delivering creative design solutions for constructing, offices,showroom, studios, auditoriums, trade shows and residential villas s’nce 2004A constantly evolving entity, the company has since then spread out into areas like of trading and dealing with the innovative and new products with professional services. And the effort to explored newer entities still continues.

JUDY INTERIORS design solutions stand apart for their creativity, feasibility and reliable engineering. Its unique ability to seamlessly link art and eng’neen’ng makes its designs visually stunning and technically sound. Motivated work force, proven technology and fresh ideas enable us to do that every time for every client.

JUDY INTERIORS realizes the importance of addressing the client’s need on their own terms with due regard to culture and identity, be it a domestic public sector demand or an international avant garde requirement. Experience and wide exposure enables JUDY INTERIORS to rise up to any design challenge.

JUDY INTERIORS has diversified departments due to its presence in the architectural and construction field. These section deals with the tendering for the mult’ple m’nistry and mega projects in Kuwait and also dealing with the import of different inventive products to employ in the projects and also for the sales of the other products.

We have our own IT services department that develops and offers the latest corporate solutions,operator appications and customized applications to address and serve the marketing, operational,sales and customer service business requirements of different companies in the market